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”En ole nähnyt mitään vastaavaa” Hello! I'm Noora and I occassionally draw things. This is my doodleblog/personal blog! Occassionally NSFW, but i try to tag everything!
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Love Hime Onoda-kun!I wanted to make it look like 90’s mahou shoujo magazine posters… haha

Love Hime Onoda-kun!
I wanted to make it look like 90’s mahou shoujo magazine posters… haha

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I’ll be on table 37 with Noora  on saturday and sunday, come say hello to us! I have badges, prints, postcards, bags (only five of these) and A NEW 24page zine for sale oOOHUHUHHhh hh h h I seriously hope the zine is going to look good, I’ll go pick them up tomorrow oH MY goodds ss s help me!

The zine has a 9 page comic from the world of Prague Race and 11 pages of sketches of all sort! Look forward to that.

I have some prints, keychains, postcards and originals for sale! come buy things from us, I’ll be doing con exclusive sketch commissions and stuff! 

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Wore this for 2 days straight because I’m too lazy to wear anything that’s not already on the floor for easy pick up

Wore this for 2 days straight because I’m too lazy to wear anything that’s not already on the floor for easy pick up

me instagram selfies outfit of the day of the days i guess pftpft
Anonymous said: Woah wooah fix those caterpillars on you're face o.o.... please?

this isn’t even my final form

u do realize that theyre on purpose right try harder next time babys first anon hate as far as i can remember tho! noorareplies anon me Anonymous

i have a terrible art block and i want to break free of it so hit me up with some doodle requests and i might do them??? might even stream them if someone wants to watch!!

nooralyfe art requests idk

Kysyn ny uudestaa mut pääseex kenenkää taidekuja pöytää traconis?? ;_;;?

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my cosplay’s from närcon! i have no full body pics of junko and the only fullbody pic of me as jade is one that i took with dolan so its too amazing for this photoset
hoping to someday photoshoot mom and junko (with right colour lenses too! i have them, i just.. didn’t want to wear them) but no idea when that’s gonna happen

mom lalonde junko enoshima jade harley närcon närcon 2014 homestuck dangan ronpa cosplay nooracosplays maybe when i pee on chris' panel i actually sewed little red roses on my junko bra since i found like one pic where the red dots are roses i take pride in this detail me selfies

Finally making a conpost thing… a week after the con woops
i need some serious recovering time after a con haha

Hello to everyone who followed me from närcon!! send me a message or something if we talked (or if you just wanna talk to me idk i see that option more likely as the people who spoke to me have already been disillusioned and noticed i only communicate through farts)? Or you could add me on skype if you want to, I’m noorapan there!

Närcon was great and I met so many cool people, though this year wasn’t maybe quite as awesome as the years before u_u mostly because I was at the artist alley and it was super in the middle of nowhere, so not only was the attendance super low, but it was also an ordeal to leave there since i couldn’t just “quickly pop by” somewhere when its like half a day’s hike from there to the main building
which is okay i guess, since the main building mostly was full of vendors and i don’t have money for that stuff pftp (what was up with the tons of stolen pixiv fan art things they sold, though?)
I cosplayed Mom on thursday, Junko on friday and Jade on saturday! I was gonna be Velma from scooby doo on sunday but I’d been roasting for so many days there is no way I was gonna wear a sweater in that weather……. two of my cosplays had high heels I just ended up wearing the sneakers I had for jade instead pfpt
on the plane ride back home they kept playing these amazing 3D bee animation shorts, each of them had a different bee model, each more horrifying than the one before 


(also thanks to chris and andreja for letting me stay with them and for amazing company they are awesome y_y)
i’ll post some pics of my cosplays soonish?? i didn’t take many 

närcon närcon 2014 nooralyfe tldr; i had fun bees why doesnt tumblr let me resize the bees the code is right i jut want the bees the same size why is the other bee bigger why
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